The Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat

Monday 11 February – Sunday 18 February

Venue: Mana Retreat Centre,608 Manaia Road, Coromandel New Zealand, 3581

Seven days of intensive energy immersion and Mind, Body, Spirit alchemical upgrade and transformation that will change your life

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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1.1.

The time period 2020-2033 is an Ascension Activation Portal. What this means is that energies are streaming from deep space to activate a planned and divinely designed upgrade of what it is to be a human being. Life is changing as we know it. For the past 22 years Judy Satori has been trained and prepared by Spirit to speak energy words of New Creation from Source/God that are designed to switch on previously dormant aspects of our human DNA code. This is the energy that she will be transmitting during the Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat, because it is the right time to speak these words.

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The Retreat

The seven days of the retreat will be presented like an unfolding and evolving story. As Judy reads the Sunshine Before the Dawn, you will be spiritually guided through an energy activation process of alchemical transformation to rewrite your own life story. A new day is dawning. The focus of the retreat will be to support you to begin a new lifecycle of expansion, joy and abundant wellbeing. Energy transmissions will also support the activation and expression of soul gifts, knowledge and ability. 

The Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat is a RESET for a NEW BEGINNING.

It will begin a gradual and powerful process of energy recalibration and renewal that will continue to evolve.  The seven days of the retreat will be an intensive process of metamorphosis. 


  • Transformation through a progressive, sequential program of energy activations and activities
  • A greater degree of physical and emotional wellbeing and function in your life
  • A greater degree of inner strength and confidence in yourself and in life to deliver
  • You will RADIATE at a higher energy frequency – shine a new LIGHT
  • Clarity of personal life direction – write the next chapter of your soul’s story
  • A deepening of self-love, self-assurance and self confidence
  • You will gradually open to soul gifts and abilities that are new to you
  • You will understand the bigger picture of life in the Universe and on Earth
  • You will be better empowered to do what your soul has come to do in this lifetime
  • The reading of Sunshine Before the Dawn will activate and unlock keys and codes within
  • Meditations and anchoring to the land in ancient sacred sites on the Coromandel will prepare you for your new beginning
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Judy's Story

In 2010 when I first saw an orb of light appear above the lake where I lived in upstate new York I was transfixed. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The light was large and round and was hovering quite high above the water. As I watched, a bolt of energy came from the light and hit me in the throat. It almost knocked me over. Then I heard a voice speaking to me telepathically. The voice told me that 'he' was the commander of a space ship and that 'they' were coming soon to tell me a story that I needed to share.


This story is Sunshine Before the Dawn, a book that I first published in 2012. Sunshine Before the Dawn recounts that love story between the Siriun woman Essayenya and the Lyran leader of the Galactic Council, Mosteenya, but it is also the story of the original creation of the human being and why it was decided by the Galactic Council 100,000 years ago to create a new human species to seed the Earth. When I first wrote the book, I was not fully aware of its implications and the bigger picture of the story as I now understand it. I felt that I was only writing part of the story and at the right time Spirit would add further information to the book and that I would need to rewrite it.

Now, 13 years later, it’s time for me to merge again with Essayenya’s soul and go deeper into her story, which is also my story as Judy today. There is a new part of the story that is as yet untold, which has real life, real world implications for all of us in our lives.

As part of the seven-day curriculum of the Retreat, I will read from my newly revised version of Sunshine Before the Dawn. The story will act as a catalyst to help you first remember your soul’s past, then clear residual karmic limitations, to go beyond where you have ever been as a soul in human form, to write a new, enlightened and empowered soul and human story for yourself, that begins in your human life today.

You will be guided through a seven-day process of spiritually driven ALCHEMY to experience life more abundantly, with beauty, love and joy and light paramount and above all.

As I read the story of Sunshine Before the Dawn, those aspects of self and soul that no longer serve you and the person you wish to become will be permanently erased.  You will then be prepared to shift gears and enter the void of infinite potential and possibility, where you will get to choose as a God Creator in human form what you WISH to create - in this life, this body, right now.


Sunshine Before the Dawn

first published by Judy Satori in 2012, is about the original creation of the human being.

It explains how the hu-man, a being created in the image of God, literally as ‘God in physical flesh and body form’, was designed with the best of the genetic attributes of 12 founding races from the Star Nations of our Milky Way Galaxy.  

In the beginning times Earth was a pristine fifth dimensional planet called Tara. 100,000 years ago, after several failed attempts by the spiritual hierarchy and the Star Nations to uplift Earth’s contracted 3-D energy vibrational frequency, it was decided by the Galactic Council of the Milky Way to create a new type of being and to seed this advanced Avatar race on Earth. This being was called the hu-man as ‘hu’ is a sound and vibration that means ‘of God’.

 The descension of Earth’s 5-D energy frequency happened because of something called ‘The Fall’, an angelic rebellion in the higher heavenly worlds, that caused the corruption of Earth beings and contracted Earth vibration.  The story Sunshine Before the Dawn was telepathically transmitted to Judy Satori by Star Beings and from the triggering of her own soul memory as the Siriun woman Essayenya.

The story claims to be true. It is as Judy heard it being told to her. She did not know the story in advance of its telling. She wrote it as a work of fiction. It is up to the reader to decide.

Is the Retreat Right for You?

The Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat is for you if you seriously want to step up your level of human functioning, have more physical energy and vitality and enhance your spiritual ability, knowledge and connection. 


You will experience a seven-day process of advanced energy alchemy that will create lasting and permanent transformation.


This work will empower you to RAPIDLY STEP FORWARD to create a SIGNIFICANT UPGRADE in who you are, both as a timeless soul and as a human being. This course is not for the faint hearted. It will require active participation and ongoing commitment. The changes begin at Mana but it will take time for you to gradually change and evolve into who you really are as a soul and bring this strength and wisdom fully into your human life today.

You will move through evolutionary change that would normally require many lifetimes of human experience. You will be fully prepared to do what YOU have come to Earth to do and create.  

 You will receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the retreat. After the retreat you will receive the edited recordings of those teaching processes, or energy transmissions that would be enhanced by repetition and continued practice.

What people say about the Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat 

Ariana, New Zealand.

I loved everything I experienced, especially all of the interactions and co-creations and the gifts we were given and your reading of Sunshine Before the Dawn each day.  I would love to teach your work.  Thank you so much Judy. 

Darleen, Australia.

Thank you so much Judy. I loved every minute of every day of this amazing seven-day journey. I am so grateful that I was led to you 11 years ago and for the healing and transformation that I have experienced since.

Shilpa, India.

I loved all the daily energy work and I particularly enjoyed the personal connection with and the guidance of Judy herself.  I feel transformed. 

Mana Retreat Centre

Information: Mana Retreat Centre, Manaia, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand   Telephone: +64 (0) 27 866 8972


Transport to and from Mana:

Please check PLAN YOUR JOURNEY on the Mana Retreat Centre website, which includes transport options.   PLAN YOUR JOURNEY

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Guest Facilities
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Registration and payment should be made through the Mana Retreat Centre website, according to their terms and conditions, through the REGISTRATION link below. There is a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets, plus a ‘stay offsite/meals only’ option. Mana has capacity for 45 people in total.  Please book EARLY to reserve your chosen accommodation. In the past Judy Satori’s retreats at Mana have been fully booked soon after registration has opened. Please note that prices are in New Zealand dollars and that GST tax is included.



Sunshine Before the Dawn Course Fee:  $1988.00 NZ dollars.

The fee includes GST and the Coromandel one day sacred site tour.


Mana Accommodation and Meal Package for seven nights:

You will be able to choose your accommodation option when you are taken to the Mana website to register. Three vegan meals per day are included in the prices, plus unlimited tea/coffee/hot beverages/water. GST is inclusive. 

Accommodation Options – Seven Nights – All Meals Included 

  • Single room with en-suite: $1420.00 NZ dollars 
  • Single room with shared bathroom facilities: $1280.00 NZ dollars
  • Shared accommodation with en-suite bathroom: $1210.00 NZ dollars
  • Shared accommodation with shared bathroom: $1070.00 NZ dollars 
  • Camping at Mana: $790.00 NZ dollars
  • Daily commuting with meals: $615.00 NZ dollars

You may also choose to stay at Te Kouma (11 minutes), or Coromandel Town (20 minutes) and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at Mana. The daily commuting rate with all meals is then charged.


Coming from Overseas?

Fly into Auckland International airport and either hire a rental car, or take a shuttle to bring you to Mana Retreat Centre. The drive takes approximately two hours and the route is through the town of Thames.  Air New Zealand has two direct flights to Auckland from Los Angeles, Auckland, Chicago and Vancouver every day. Several other airlines such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines also fly direct to New Zealand.  Check flight options on  Note: If you fly from the USA or Canada, New Zealand on 13 August would be 12 August in the USA.   

Shuttle Contact: Go Kiwi Shuttles.

August in New Zealand is late winter/early spring with average temperatures of around 15 degrees C, 59 degrees F.  Mana Retreat Centre has an open fireplace and is cosy and warm.