Activating Human DNA Potential

 Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York
August 23‚Äď25


11 hours of intensive energy immersion and Mind, Body, Spirit alchemical upgrade and transformation that will change your life.


The content of the course is entirely Spirit-Led and delivered at Omega for the first time

The time period 2024-2033 is an Ascension Activation Portal. What this means is that energies are streaming from deep space to activate a planned and divinely designed upgrade of what it is to be a human being. Life is changing as we know it.

For the past 25 years, Judy Satori has been trained and prepared by Spirit to speak energy words of New Creation from Source/God that are designed to switch on previously dormant aspects of our human DNA code. This is the energy that she will be transmitting during this course, because it is the right time to speak these words.

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How Transformation Happens

In this special weekend, Judy will transmit energy words of new creation divinely designed to activate and expand human capacity and consciousness. This work includes the transmission of an energy spectrum called "Ultralight".

ULTRALIGHT creates an alchemical change at the level of the cells and the DNA. This change postively transforms people physically and emotionally, and opens them to their spiritual gifts and abilities.

How You Will Benefit

Judy Satori will be telling the story of our original human creation as received from star beings and written about in her book Sunshine Before The Dawn


For the BODY, working at the level of the cells and the DNA to: 
  • Clear cellular inflammation and energy disharmony
  • Improve cellular function and metabolism
  • Enhance cellular regeneration
  • Improve whole-body vitality and wellness


For the MIND, working to expand consciousness:
  • Expand consciousness and energy vibrational frequency
  • Rise above Earthly drama and dross
  • Expand the mind to perceive into other dimensional worlds
For the SPIRIT, working with the higher-dimensional self and multi-dimensional aspects of soul to:
  • Recharge, for renewed passion, vitality, and zest for life
  • Clear karmic soul trauma Open to soul gifts and abilities from past lives
  • Transmit light from the heart of Source/God/Universal Oneness


Experience magical spiritual alchemy divinely guided through Judy


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Judy's Story

Judy Satori has been an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, multi-dimensional channel, vibrational sound healer and Ascension way-shower for the past 25 years 


Judy speaks many galactic languages and works with star beings as a Galactic Ambassador to open hearts and minds and to shift people into a more expanded version of self and what is possible for them to create in life. Her work supports one’s best version of self, is physically regenerative and rapidly expands consciousness and vibration.

She holds events in numerous countries and has been a keynote speaker for 20 years globally. Judy has a large international following in the US, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and other countries. She is based in New Zealand and has lived in the US.

Judy’s work is housed in an online subscription-based  Ascension Library, which is also available through a mobile app. The Ascension Library contains many video and audio programs and 1,000 transmissions and recordings to help people transform their lives for the better and express their unique potential.

Are you ready to go beyond your current potential and transform

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Feedback From Past Events

Chrissie, Australia

My deepest gratitude for the weekend workshop and all that has ensued. Being with the amazing energies coming through has been an absolute gift. Beginning to discover the same energies within myself is very powerful and a whole new opening.

It's a blessing beyond words!

Shamilina, Japan

I feel so blessed and loved after connecting with the dragons. My auric field has been getting much more expanded everyday. After receiving energy from the dragons, it helps me to stay in the core of myself. My heart is much more expansive and filled with much more light and joy. Truly appreciate Judy and James for this amazing teaching! 

Ma'ata, United States

I am taking away so much including self-awareness, self-love, and tools to use in my daily practice.

Judy is an excellent teacher, bringing each participant to their center with grace and love.