The Alchemy and Magic Of
The Illuminated Dragons 

Sydney, Australia
Past Event 

2024 the Year of the Dragon is a major marker of change for people and the planet. This is a time of powerful new beginnings. What has held you back from shining your Light is being released very quickly now, especially since the eclipse on April 8/9.

The Alchemy and Magic of the Illuminated Dragons was a two day workshop which combined the channeled energy transmissions of Judy Satori with the paintings of visionary artist and cosmic architect James Jereb.

We worked with 22 Illuminated Dragons, important transformative catalysts for our Ascension upgrade and human advancement. The Illuminated Dragons are here to help us rapidly advance.

We are moving into an illumination of ourselves and the dragons are our illuminators.

These Illuminated dragons are high master teachers who come from multi-galactic realities and other dimensional worlds within the 22 galaxies of the expanded matrix of God/Creation energy that I call the ‘Diamond’.

The Diamond Galaxies are a local group of galaxies in our sector of the Universe. The center of the Diamond is where the energies for our Ascension process is emanating from.

All 22 Illuminated Dragons are creating a Rainbow Bridge, a pathway between the Divine/God and mankind, to assist us to find a new way forward and to walk a new path of Beauty, Love, Joy and Light, which IS enlightenment. 

Illuminated Dragons Pyramidal Effect

Prometheus, Emrys, and Ch'aska are creating a foundational energy template for our new beginning.

This pyramidal effect will bring into being a new result within our DNA, cells, energy circuitry of our body, and our energy field, which is more expanded than before as these three dragons are bringing through the energy in unison.

This trinity is creating a platform for our human advancement.

Prometheus by
James F. Jereb PhD. c 2013

Prometheus speaks about our new human beginning and the upgraded message that will be written and activated by sound and light within human DNA.

Emrys by
James F. Jereb PhD. c 2013 

Emrys helps us to remember and clear the energy dross of what limits and holds us back.

Ch'aska, Mesa of Memory by
James F. Jereb PhD. c 2013

Ch'aska brings in a new consciousness and new dreaming as we prepare to take a huge evolutionary leap forward.

About James Jereb

James Jereb is a visionary artist and founder and creator of Stardreaming, a sacred site of stone temples and labyrinths located near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Click to access Stardreaming

Audio Transmission Listening Instructions

Gaze at the dragon images BELOW while listening to the transmission below the images. 

Due to the powerful energy, there is slight distortion in the audio as Judy had to stop using the microphone.

Feedback From Participants

Colleen, Australia

With each of Judy’s positively benefic and life-changing workshops and retreats. I always leave recharged, reinvigorated and re-aligned with my highest callings. 

Judy’s work is beyond words - it’s an enlightened love emanating from this beauty-full Godmother of Light Language uplifting us all. So much appreciation and gratitude for Judy’s unique contributions to our highest collective aspirations.

Lesley, Australia

I loved the Sydney Gathering. It was really profound with the transmissions and shared stories, everyone was affected in their own unique way. All the dross of life dropped away and I experienced the presence & embodiment of each of the 22 Illuminated dragons.

Life is unfolding more easily with less effort in Dragon Company. Forever grateful for Judy ‘s work and love James Jereb and his stories.

Shann, Singapore

Love the super loving energies of the Dragons. It was very powerfully intense for me and I felt very different during my first night's sleep physically and all aspects.

I felt bliss, infinite love, inner strength and a deep sense of surrender. Thank you Judy and team.