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"The Light Languages that I speak are divinely designed to clear blocked energy that may sabotage you in life.  They work to realign the chakras and energy circuitry of the physical body, supporting the regeneration of the body and expansion of soul memory and abilities.

All my recordings and hundreds of free articles, and access to my meditations, short courses, live events, and masterclasses can be found in my Ascension Library.  I invite you to click this link below to begin your journey... "

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Judy Satori is an internationally recognised spiritual teacher, multi-dimensional channel, sound healer and Ascension way-shower from New Zealand. Her spiritually guided role during Earth’s Ascension process is to energetically upgrade people so that they can fulfil their own purpose and do what they have come to do on the planet. Judy verbally transmits energy words of ‘New Creation’, divinely designed frequencies of sound and light that have an energy effect on the cells and the DNA template to switch on and activate previously dormant human DNA potential.

Much of Judy Satori’s work of 25 years is housed in her online membership subscription Ascension Library. She offers hundreds of audio and video recordings and programs to members to help people to transform their lives for the better and express their unique soul potential. It is also possible to access Judy’s programs as a one-off  online purchase and to explore free of charge. Visit www.AscensionLibrary.org