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Judy's work, with a new spectrum of Ascension, upgrade energy called ‘Ultralight’, and also with a Fifth Element of rapid energy transformation creates permanent alchemical change at the level of the cells and the DNA template.

These energy WORDS of  new creation from Source positively transform people physically, emotionally and in consciousness and open them to their gifts of Spirit.

Judy Satori is an internationally recognised spiritual teacher, multi-dimensional channel, sound healer, and Ascension way-shower from New Zealand. Her spiritually guided role during Earth’s Ascension process is to energetically upgrade people so that they can fulfill their own purpose and do what they have come to do on the planet.

"Judy verbally transmits energy words of ‘New Creation.’ Divinely designed frequencies of sound and light that have an energetic effect on the cells and the DNA template to activate previously dormant human DNA potential."

Judy's work of 25 years is housed in her Ascension Library. She offers hundreds of audio and video recordings and programs to members to help people to transform their lives for the better and express their unique soul potential. It is possible to access Judy’s programs with Ascension Library Membership or as a one-off online purchase. Many articles and foundational recordings can be explored free of charge.  

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New Zealand

Monday 11 February - Sunday 18 February

The Sunshine Before the Dawn Retreat


Venue: Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand.

A seven-day immersion into past life soul experience as a star-seeded human being. This is a process of ENERGY ALCHEMY designed by Spirit to activate your soul gifts, purpose and potential.

This seven day process of physical, consciousness and spiritual upgrade will empower and transform you and your life.   

Registration Open from 1 November 2023


Friday 13 October – Monday 16 October

Anchoring the Codes of Light: 25-48

The next step in our human evolution story is LIVE from St Joseph's Centre, Sydney. Event information and registration are now open for the In-person and the global live-streamed events. The in-person event runs from 5.30 pm Friday 13 - 4 pm Monday 16 October. 

This series follows on from the original 24 Codes of Light Masterclass transmitted  through Judy at her Ascension 2020 event, currently available in the Ascension Library, www.AscensionLibrary.org  This three-chapter, audio, and video program can also be purchased as a one-off program and will prepare you for Ascension 2023 and the next three chapters of the Codes of Light human upgrade story.

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